Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vanity Area-- finally!

I had this idea about 2 years ago and am finally watching it come into fruition. But then it sat for a while like this--- unused. Embarrassing, I know. And we were down a dining room chair......

I have always dreamed of having a vanity area where I can get ready in the mornings and do my make-up, etc. and used to live in an apartment with a large bathroom that had a vanity section.... but honestly, I separate from the sink area. IDK that just never seemed very.... sanitary to me.... So anyways, I have been on the lookout for a "desk" of sorts to use for a vanity section.

A while back, I found this desk at KOHL's clearance section for $25. Yes, the whole desk, retailed at $279, was on sale for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!! Obviously, I was a little skeptical so I literally pulled every single piece and styrofoam and screws out in the middle of the floor. The manager came over (maybe there were complaints?!) to ask what I was doing but I was not going to pass up a deal of that caliber!!!! Every single screw and piece was in working order. Apparently, it was just their floor model that had been packaged back into the box to be sold. DEAL!!!!! I can't find it on their website so maybe they discontinued it. either way, it was a steal of a deal for me!

I then came across a pinterest post (there are many) about using a shower rod with hooks to hang necklaces. I LOVED this idea!!!!! But I didn't like the idea that the hooks could fall off if you were pulling jewelry off in a hurry. So I snagged THESE hooks for THIS set at IKEA to solve that problem. And I really like the look of it!

This last week, I found this stool, with storage under the seat, and the full-price was $30 so it came home with me :) and that is now my new favorite store in Plano. LOVE LOVE LOVE BT Furnishings (Corner of 15th/Custer). What would you store under the seat cushion if this was your stool?

Found the decoration for above the necklaces for half-price at Hobby Lobby this week.....

Added the finishing touches (items on desk and this drawer-pull that I puchased at Home Depot)


And here's what it looks like now.

All my make-up fits in the drawer and my make-up brushes go in the tin bucket next to my lighted mirror(thanks MamMa) so I don't have to worry about my bad habits leaving junk sitting out, since it all has a place. So excited for this whole project and I LOVE the way it turned out!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day :)

Amanda--- from let's get handy

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