Friday, June 15, 2012

Vacay- SPI

Sorry for neglecting the blog for a week-- spent a week in South Padre with my husband. He was there on business but we still managed to have a lovely time! Spent 4 nights and 5 entire days at the Isla Grand-- right on the BEACH! Our cabana room overlooked the tennis courts and beach. Can you say PERFECT! I took my kindle and read a couple books while on the beach, chillin under the umbrella. Our hotel also had a fabulous pool so we spent a lot of time there, too!

Highlights of our trip:


Going up to the top of a light house

Watching a professional sand castle builder

Out to dinner

Chillin on the beach

Details, Small Stuff and Scenery

US shots

All in all, it was fabulous vacation!!!! Got home late last night and  picked up the pup this morning. She had a GREAT report card and is currently snoring... musta had a blast!

And all those storms and rain in Dallas last week helped our crape myrtle bloom--- woke up to THIS this morning!

Already got another project in the works-- operation clean up/organize the bedroom and create an organized area area for a vanity.... pics to come soon :)

Amanda from Let'sGetHandy

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